Queens do what others won't. -Queen China Chang


MRS. HMONG Pageant

The Hmong community has historically held annual beauty pageants to celebrate the Hmong New Year, however, few Hmong-American women have ventured to compete in mainstream beauty pageants. China Chang has broken the mold on this and championing a larger vision of faith-based transformational leadership to ignite more meaningful community engagement in the process. 

On July 21, 2018, China Chang competed in the Global United Pageant as Mrs. Hmong-America and was crowned as Mrs. Global United Ambassador Queen. She is the first ever married Hmong woman to have competed and crowned in an American beauty pageant. 

Mission: Mrs. Hmong Pageant celebrates married Hmong women for their beauty and intelligence.

Vision: We are overjoyed with seeing women Love on each other, their husband, children and the community.


Loving families for a brighter future!


Love others through their journey of exploring their purpose.


Encourage other women to Level-Up to volunteer and serve their community.


Helping women find value in their Legacy story and discover their "Why".  

The Chia Award

Grandmother's have a specal place in our hearts

Dearest my Precious Grandmother's,

You've came before me. You were there always. When I was too busy with building my life, you did not judge me, instead you loved on me even deeper. You were the one who would call simply to ask if I was ok, just to hear my voice. You were my best friend, my role model and my great teacher. 

Chia, the name of both of my paternal grandmother’s, I honor you both. As I pour my love and servant's heart to love on my sisters worldwide and our younger generations. You both have taught me well. May I honor you forever and always. Your heart's were kind, patient and you've carried great perseverance.

"The Chia Award" is given to one blessed contestant who's been married the longest. Hmong marriages are beautiful and unique. We honor those who's strived each and everyday to choose to better their marriage. "The Chia Award" is presented to that individual at the Mrs. Hmong Pageant crowning ceremony.

"Chia" in the Hmong language  means "New"

May your marriages be ReNewed often and May this Newness breathe life, light and love into your marriage for many years to come. May your children and descendants reap the rewards of your faithfulness. 

With Love, 

Mrs. China Chang

Founder, Mrs. Hmong Pageant


The Pa Award

we celebrate our mother's

Dearest my Beloved Mother's,

We've both taught me that serving our community is a good thing. I’m blessed that both my birth mother and my mother-in-law's name is Pa. I honor you both as you've been a great example of strength. You've walked with the belief that our actions matter. You made it your priority to show up at family gatherings, help with what’s needed and was there to give words of comfort to others. You both are intentional in attending family and friends events, standing side by side with your beloved husbands. After all these years of being married, you are still your husbands best friend. That’s honorable. 

"The Pa Award" is given to one blessed contestant who demonstrates a servant's heart with community service. "The Pa Award" is presented to that individual at the Mrs. Hmong Pageant crowning ceremony.

"Pa" in the Hmong language means "Flower"

As a fresh Flower blossoms, so shall you, a brave Hmong woman. May your heart be refreshed as a beautiful flower. And May your flower heart continue to serve your community well. A true role model. Taking your beautiful garden everywhere you go.

With Love,  

Mrs. China Chang 

Founder, Mrs. Hmong Pageant


Meet our Founder



Visionary * Empire Builder * Global Entrepreneur * Coach & Mentor

China Chang,  is a World Changer dedicated to transforming lives and awakening hearts.  She is known in her community as a visionary, thought leader, and role model for the next generation.  China has spent the last 20 years passionately helping others through her pioneering work as a certified personal and success coach. She is an inspirational speaker who is sought after throughout this nation with a voice to inspire others so that they too will have the power to change their lives and by doing so, they will change the world. She craves to empower and equip people from all walks of life to not only succeed but thrive. China aka “CoachChina” has coached, mentored, and trained over 22,000 learners with her expert teachings on business, money, and relationships. As a global entrepreneur she has grown her businesses to over 33,000 business partners worldwide and has surpassed multi-millions in real estate sales and investments.  Driven by a servant’s heart to help her clients and community to become financially educated and empowered, she is also engaged with philanthropic work as an investor and financial donor. Through China’s diverse business and community volunteerism, her calling is to serve a higher purpose in transforming people’s lives. This has lead her to pursue her Master's Degree at Bethel Seminary in Transformational Leadership in its groundbreaking graduate program.  Above everything, China is a lover of Jesus Christ, with an Prophetic anointing and is a Revivalist with a heart to awaken this nation.  China is a proud Hmong-American woman, passionately married to her amazing husband Chad, an officer in Ramsey County, for 21 years. China and Chad are devoted parents to their son Tyris, daughter Cheyenne, and their two furry babies: a babygirl French Bulldog named Kalani and a French Bulldog named Tyson.

Mrs. Hmong-America 2018-2019

Mrs. Global United Ambassador 2018-2019


Awards & Recognitions

Mrs. Global United Ambassador 2018-2019


First ever married Hmong woman to have competed and crowned in an American beauty pageant. Crowned on July 21, 2018.

Mrs. Hmong-America 2018-2019


Enter a global beauty pageant with woman from all over the world such as Japan, Venezuela, Korea, Russia, it was an honor to represent my community as Mrs. Hmong-America.

mrs. Minnesota-America 2018-2019 mrs. ramsey county


Purchased my first home when I was 18, Real Estate Investor, current resident, all in Ramsey County it was an honor to compete in the Mrs. Minnesota-America beauty pageant as Mrs. Ramsey County.

mrs. minnesota-america 2018-2019 community service award


Community Service Award given to one contestant amongst 14 others who demonstrates the most dedication in community service.

top 15 best mrs. titleholder


OVER 15,000 votes have been counted! I made it to Top 15  with American Model and Pageants Magazine Awards!

pageant titleholder of the day with Pageant Planet


First ever Hmong Queen to be featured as a hand selected Titleholder of the day. Pageant Planet is one of the most reputable publication in worldwide pageantry.



Awards for Cover Finalist with Pageant Emporium 2019 edition of Pageant Emporium Digest



Beauty Award for Most Gorgeous Eyes and Most Stunning Image with Pageant Emporium 2019 edition of Pageant Emporium Digest.



Beauty Award for Regal Beauty with Pageant Emporium 2019 edition of Pageant Emporium Digest.